All of our Knowledge Solutions are crafted to give you and your organization a distinctive and unique edge.


Our Knowledge Series volume of over 30 courses provides intensive training along 7 defined category areas. Using a unique training methodology that is known as “LEARNING BY DOING”, our programmes hinge on the belief that “doing a thing is the proof of learning a thing”. All courses are immensely practical and involving for every participant, guaranteeing an ability to LEARN, ASSIMILATE and APPLY all the selected disciplines.

Our Knowledge Series quality and methodology achieves distinct advantage for both the organisation’s performance and the ability for Human Resources to achieve its human capital development goals.

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Our Coaching modules aim at creating an active and experiential learning environment for participants to update, practise and action the principles, possible scenarios, quick wins and common pitfalls of providing guidance to people in the workplace.

Our past clients include BAT and Skye Bank.

Our Clients

2013 MTN Advanced Sales Techniques for Driving Growth
2011 BAT Leadership & Coaching Workshop
2011 GSK Communication Strategies
2014 Union Bank Advanced Writing Skills
2015 BAT Train the Trainer
2015 BAT The Complete Mastery Series
2012 Skye Bank Effective Presentation Skills
2012 Skye Bank Supervisory Skills
2015 Skye Bank Retail Academy
2014 Subsea 7 Management Leadership Skills Course
2015 MTN Ghana Essential Skills for Selling Digital Services in a Digital World
2014 Skye Bank Customer Service Excellence
2015 MTN Relationship Management
2015 Union Bank Coaching
2014 BAT Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
2012 Skye Bank Effective Communication Skills