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Punctuality Matters A Lot

Remember:  Punctuality goes beyond keeping to time and meeting deadlines. It is a symbol of our value and respect, for people and policies. Importantly, punctuality is proof of a positive attitude that speaks of discipline, self-organization, readiness and productivity. Often times, we believe that as long as an assignment is delivered, the time frame does […]

The Ethical Model For Quick Decisions

Remember: The Ethical Priorities Model can be used when we need to make fast ethical decisions in the workplace. This model by the famed author; Nan Demars suggests that we should always filter our ethical decision making process alongside three key steps: Does this decision take care of me? Does this decision take care of […]

5 Things responsible for your Attitude

Remember: Your attitude is your internal choice of reaction to a situation. It is a game changer that determines big win or lose situations in your life choices. What are the 5 attitudinal reflections? When you are negative about things, it is not a reflection about the situation you find yourself in… rather it is […]

PAUSE… Deal with that conflict.

Remember: No two individuals have the same thought patterns, or indeed, points of view, thereby leading to the well-known fact that conflict is unavoidable in the workplace. It is therefore critical to acknowledge conflicts when they arise and address it promptly to maintain relationship values. Conflict is no different from fire, if not handled properly […]

Preparing For Meetings: APP

Remember: Every meeting you attend is your opportunity to shine as meetings are a central part of communication and cooperation within any organization. This week, we bring you the APP steps you can take to ensure that you are on top of your game before and during meetings: Anticipate If you receive an agenda ahead […]

Writing Powerful E-mails

Remember: E-mail is the backbone of business communication. Although it is an instant way of getting in touch with others, many people do not know how to use properly. People tend to ignore punctuation, grammar and spelling in e-mails but this only diminishes your reputation as an individual or an organization. It is important that […]

Easy Reading is Quite Hard Writing

Remember: When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing. Good writers face the challenge of using plain language to express clear meaning. They write in simple styles and constantly use words that are familiar to the reader. We cannot conclude that words are simple because they have few letters, […]

The Right Mindset

Remember: Just as it is a reality that the previous year is not going to be the same as the present, it simply means that you cannot continue doing things the same way and expecting a different result. Looking at the current state of Nigeria as a nation, it is equally important to know that […]

Perfecting the Little Things

Remember: We are judged as excellent by our ability to deliver excellent results. The unsung part of that excellent result, however, is the excellent effort that has taken place to achieve the result. Your excellent effort delivers the greatest part of the requirement for that excellent result. The balance comes from a unique combination of […]

How to Manage Upward (3)

Remember: Pride goes before a fall. You must learn to swallow a certain amount of pride for your boss to be an ally to you. How, you may ask? It really is simple. Gone are the days where being talented is all it took. There is the need to be aware that the difference between […]