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How to Manage Upward

Remember: There is no one that you cannot manage! Emotional intelligence calls out the fact that you first have to manage your personal responses and reactions before extending it to people you come in contact with. In moving up the career ladder, you must accept that your superior is a prominent gateway to your career […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

Remember: You never know what you can achieve until you try. Many of your possible great achievements are still hidden in a dark corner of your mind, gathering dust in a little box called DOUBT. Ask yourself; how many achievements did you slash down ruthlessly, even as they tried to bloom, with that massive mental […]

Recovering From Mistakes

Remember: Mistakes are inevitable; they are proof of our imperfect nature. We say, do, and make certain decisions that we wish we could take back. There is no shame in making mistakes, but there is failure in not accepting, bracing up or recovering from that mistake to ensure it’s a one-time occurrence. Here are six […]

Choosing a Winning Attitude

Remember: The most important aspect of attitude is that it is a choice! What exactly is attitude? Attitude is the physical manifestation of the way in which we have chosen to manage our emotions. We cannot run away from emotions, rather, we can take the time to put the right interpretation on the emotion to […]

3 Words That Never Fails

3 Words That Never Fails Remember: You need not only be mindful of your appearance as an aspiring professional, but you also need to be mindful of your choice of words and attitude towards people. Excellence is not a standard, it’s a habit, therefore, always strive for excellence. In today’s competitive corporate world, you need […]

Would You Hire You?

Remember: if you can cause others to strive to achieve high standards, then you are fit to tag yourself an effective manager. The manager’s role is to inspire, support, cajole, exhort, critique, nag, encourage, confront and comfort. The case with some managers in today’s corporate world is such that they only focus on the mistakes […]

Managing Time

Remember: Time wasted can never be regained. In business, time is money. On several occasions, we spend our time performing least important tasks as opposed to relevant tasks at hand, and then we realize we have wasted so much time on what should have been done later. It is therefore advisable to make better use […]

Communicating Customer Service

Remember: Customer service is not a department, its an ATTITUDE! Without customers, your business will not survive. You need to pay rapt attention to the way your customers are treated. Even if you have a team working with you, you need them to actively participate in making customers satisfied because, your team also act as a […]

Critical factors for building teams

Remember: Division of labour is in existence essentially for achieving quicker and efficient work done. The concept of Teamwork is now a cliché due to the stress attached with working in a team. Some people believe they perform better while working in a team other than working individually, while other people would rather work alone […]

Getting the best from yourself.

Remember:  Presence is an elusive human quality that projects our ability to command respect or attention. Some people are born with it, while others develop it as a result of success. Presence comes from the combination of both and virtually everyone can nurture and develop it. It is important to understand that presence is most […]