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THE D.A.D Test: Impactful PowerPoint Slides

Remember: Everyone can make a presentation, but not everyone can make a convincing presentation. Do you use PowerPoint to present? There is a tip to ensure you can create compelling slides every time you present. The D.A.D test is an effective aid for measuring the effectiveness of your PowerPoint slide. What it does, is to […]

To Succeed, Learn to Handle Criticism

Remember: The people in our life are often our mirror. They reflect the impact of our actions, sometimes their feedback may come out as been harsh, but when we can handle the criticism with an opened mind and willingness to learn, we tend to be happier with our jobs, increase our performance rate and self-esteem. […]

Easy Reading is Quite Hard Writing

Remember: When something ca be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing. Good writers face the challenge of using plain language to express clear meaning. They write in simple styles and constantly use words that are familiar to the reader. We cannot conclude that words are simple because they have few letters, […]

Achieving Results Through Communication

Remember: Skilled communication is assumed to have happened when the intended message has been received and understood by the recipient. What has really transpired, however, is Active Questioning and Listening. The real standard for skilled communication, is to ACHIEVE RESULTS through communication. Adopting this performance standard means that you combine the Question Toolbox (open and […]

Making a Positive First Impression

Remember: You can control that critical first impression by observing the rule of twelve, which suggests that we notice and remember three things about people we meet, which are: The first twelve inches from shoulder up. The first twelve steps a person takes. The first twelve words a person speaks. The first rule tells you […]

The Power of Gratitude at Work

Remember: As leaders, it is important to develop the practice of gratitude to be able to lead and influence others. Employers who see their employees through the lens of gratitude will always see the untapped potential in them and will inspire them to achieve their goals. Here are 4 Benefits of Building the Culture of […]

Building a Positive Attitude

Remember: The best place to look for gold is in a gold mine, and the best place to look for powerful positive thoughts in someone with a positive attitude. When you have a positive attitude, your language becomes different and the environment becomes enabling. A positive attitude will aid you in continuously improving yourself, your […]

Kaizen – The Practice of Continuous Improvement

Remember: Every action or company begins with an idea, your perseverance is crucial to determining if your idea will come true and last long. Continuous improvement is the act of continuously doing whatever helps to develop your idea and thus makes it more valuable and long lasting. Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. It […]

Learning to Listen: Steps to Better Communication

Remember: Good Leaders and Good Communicators are Good Listeners, to be a good communicator you must learn how to listen with three ears. Ear 1 – You must hear what others are saying. Ear 2 – You must hear what others are not saying. Ear 3 – You must hear what others would like to […]

The Power of Feedback

Remember: Feedback is given to individuals with high potential who are unaware of the behaviour that is hindering performance.  Feedback is thus one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement and it is therefore typically positive, but the impact on the receiver can either be positive or negative. This is based on two […]