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Getting the best from yourself.

Remember:  Presence is an elusive human quality that projects our ability to command respect or attention. Some people are born with it, while others develop it as a result of success. Presence comes from the combination of both and virtually everyone can nurture and develop it. It is important to understand that presence is most […]

Creating your Identity

Remember: Your identity is what distinguishes you from your fellow contemporaries. Identifying the idea that drives you as an individual is the basic feature that is associated with creating your identity. Great people are born and also, great people can be made. Who says you can’t build yourself into the person that you envision yourself […]

Making Yourself Promotable

Remember: Being good at your job is not enough to guarantee a promotion these days. Being promotable, on the other hand increases your chances of success and assists you in taking the career steps that you desire. Here are seven ways to making yourself promotable: 1. Develop Good Interpersonal Skills: The ability to engage and communicate […]

Inspire your child and your team as well.

Remember…. If your child is not taught to confide in you about their mistakes, you have lost them. This is the second powerful warning from the works of Tiruvalluvar a Tamil poet,written 5,000 years ago. If your,child has been taught not to confide in you, then the lessons that you have taught the child are […]

Using Emotional Intelligence

Remember: When it comes to happiness, and success in life, emotional intelligence matters just as much as intellectual ability. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, manage, and use your emotions in positive ways, to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. Emotional intelligence does not end with you, […]

Communicating Effectively

Remember: Effective communication compels Action! The need to communicate effectively cannot be ignored in our workplace. How then do you communicate to compel action? Use the critical communication tools: Words, Active Listening, Questioning Effectively, Body Language, and Emotional Intelligence. The combination of these tools will enable: Better acceptance of idea Builds and strengthens relationships Saves […]

Giving Good Feedback

Remember, if feedback is one side of a coin, the other side will be criticism. Feedback is given to improve performance, learnings and motivate. When feedback is not given using the right words, it becomes criticism. To avoid such situation, the choice of words, and manner of feedback given must be put into consideration. One […]

Leading Successfully

Remember, success is the accomplishment of a purpose using the right approach. To be a successful leader, you must adopt different leadership style for different situations. You must know when to be firm, when to be directive or supportive, how to supervise, how to give feedback, how to coach, how to listen attentively, and communicate […]

Making Good Impression Through Body Language

Remember: When you communicate, you use both spoken words and body language. Body language refers to various forms of non-verbal communication. How you communicate with your body is important because body language influences the first impression you create. Body language can be interpreted as positive: open, interested and approachable or negative: defensive. These are some […]