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The D.A.D Test For Improving Our PowerPoint Slides

Remember, everyone can make a presentation, but not everyone can make a convincing Presentation. Do you use PowerPoint to present? Here is a tip to ensure you can create compelling slides every time you present. The D.A.D test is an effective aid for measuring the effectiveness of your Power point slides. What it does, is […]

The Supervisors Pledge

Remember, your success as a supervisor is measured through your team.In becoming a successful leader,it is needful to be able to inspire others with the confidence in themselves. Here is a personal pledge that can direct you into becoming that truly inspiring leader: I pledge to direct, coach, support and lead my team. I acknowledge […]

Making Compelling Presentation Openers

Remember,for a presentation to be really compelling,it must appeal to the two types of minds we find in all audiences: left brainers (seeking facts, straight to the point) and right brainers (looking for creativity visionaries, seeking options). Our pressing need is to capture the audiences attention when it’s highest , this being at the start. […]

Feedback as a communication tool

Remember, our last nugget dwelt on achieving intended results through effective communication. What then is feedback and what is the relevance of feedback to effective communication? Feedback is the breakfast of champions, an essential communication element specifically concerned with the improvement of performance. As a communication tool, feedback repels the use of generalisations in communication […]

Communicating Effectively

Remember, it is not sufficient for an information to be heard and understood. The higher communication standard is when we set out to use communication in achieving intended results. It is only then are we certain, that we have communicated effectively. This approach informs the choices, styles and format that we use to achieve our […]

The Most Provocative Question in Leadership

Remember: Our ultimate strength as effective leaders can be measured in our ability to inspire our team.Inspiration distinguishes people transactions,from people relationships,builds a willingness ladder rather that of imposition and projects leader confidence and assurance. Building Inspiration creates a robust transition from managing and directing to leading and supporting. Will people follow you if they […]

The Six Thinking Hats

Remember, last week we introduced the six thinking hats and shared with you the import of these on our ability to think through issues in six different ways , when we use the hats. What exactly are these colours and what do they represent: The White hat drives discipline and direction and spurs the thinker […]

Problem Solving and Creative Thinking

Remember, the Yoruba proverb that says ‘okunrin meta’ invokes a concept of one person having the ability of three people. This concept is magnified in the principle behind De Bono’s six thinking and problem solving styles. In his model, a problem solver takes on the ability to be six people in one, by being able […]

What is my Ethical Standard?

  Remember……………..Lawrence Kohlberg’s 6 stages of Moral Reasoning are grouped into 3 levels: Stage 1 –Pre Conventional Morality, Stage 2 – Conventional Morality and Stage 3- Post Conventional Morality. Over the last two weeks, we looked at the 2 stages in level 1. Now we move into level 2,Conventional Morality. Unlike level 1 where ethical […]