Giving Constructive Feedback

Remember: There is no such thing as “negative feedback” as the motive for all feedback should be to improve the performance of the receiver. Therefore, if one party comes out of a feedback session disgruntled, it is either of two things:

  1. The feedback was wrongly presented, or
  2. The feedback was improperly received.

There are structured methods to both giving and receiving feedback, which we shall be exploring the next few weeks. Note though, that for feedback to be effective, it must never be forced.

There must always be an identified need or a prompt from the recipient, asking the giver for feedback.

A situation where this does not exist is bound to be one where the receiver goes through the session with a defensive demeanor because then, even the best of feedback would sound like criticism.

Establish the clear need or prompt for feedback, from the receiver, to aid the proper receipt of your feedback….Today!