The Customer

Remember: The Customer is king and must be treated as such.  To treat the Customer as king, we must know who they are, and what they want, which will then help us provide the right solutions for them. How then do we acquire this information about the Customer? We must search around 4 platforms:

Facts: Clear demographic information about your customer will help you visualize who they are and create a realistic picture about their needs, wants and goals.

Life styles/ Processes: Knowing their habits, lifestyle and daily activities will help you create a consistent message about why your product or service is useful and how it positively impacts their daily life

Challenges and Needs: What are the precise challenges and needs that your customer is facing? The more you know of the customer, the more you can address elements that have not been asked for.

Digital Relevance: Murphy’s law means that the pace of digital solutions will consistently rise. Do we understand how attuned to this opportunity our customer is?

Know your customer, and satisfy them…. Today!