Reinventing Yourself

Remember: Reinvention as a word implies a process of deconstruction, a subsequent reconstruction, and a resultant newness.

The intended ‘payback’ for reinvention is gaining something that you currently feel is missing in your life, which could be anything from a successful career, to a better financial situation, to a happier work-life balance, or a complete change of lifestyle.

Using the force-field analysis, here are five tips to successfully reinventing yourself

  1. Conduct a ‘Personal Audit’: This process involves that you appraise your life from a personal and professional perspective. Write your name in the centre of a clean sheet of paper and itemize your life’s pressure and disappointments on the left and the pleasures and delights on the right.
  2. Explore Your Values and Beliefs: Write down everything that prevents you from tapping into your natural talents and living your life in line with them at the bottom of the paper.
  3. Think about Your Dream Scenario: Write down everything you will do if you were free from practical or financial limitations at the top of your sheet of paper.
  4. Start Making Changes: Working through the above has allowed you to analyse your life and point out the areas that need most immediate attention.
  5. Live the Changes: The changes that you have started to work on can only be successful if they are sustained. So you have to live out the changes.

Create a better version of yourself, reinvent yourself… …. …TODAY!