Getting Close to the Customer

Remember: Getting close to a (current or potential) customer involves gathering facts and knowledge about them in order to develop an awareness of their expectations and perception of the organization.

Here are five tips to help you get close to your customer effectively:

  1. Examine Your Organizational Culture: You are unlikely to get close to your customers unless the culture of your organization encourages such. Therefore, staff should be trained to think ‘customer first’.
  2. Identify Your Customers: They may be internal or external customers. You should also distinguish between purchasers, those who pay for your product, and end users, those who actually use it.
  3. Profile Your Customers: A wide range of factors including gender, age, marital status, location, and lifestyle influence the behaviour and choices of your customers. These factors become useful when analysed, become useful in serving your customers appropriately.
  4. Assess Your Customers’ Opinions and Attitude: This will help you to know what they feel about your organization and most especially, your product and services. You can assess them via the internet, frontline staff.
  5. Act on Your Findings: Analyse the result of your research, interpret the data, and publicize your findings.

Start to maximize this tips, get close to a customer… … ….Today