Remember: Workplace conflict is an unavoidable consequence of professional life. Effective intervention from managers and supervisors ensures that the harm conflicts cause to relationships and productivity is minimal. It keeps relationships healthy, customers happy, and the business successful.

Common causes of conflict at work include:

  1. Differences in personality
  2. Differences in styles of working
  3. Miscommunication or misunderstandings
  4. Poorly-organised workplace
  5. Poor management
  6. Discrimination, harassment, etc.

Here are 5 tips for managing conflict in the workplace:

  1. Don’t ignore it – conflicts do not just disappear if you push them aside; issues become harder to tackle the longer you leave them. Deal with the problem as soon as you learn about it.
  2. Promote differences– adopt a positive culture towards differing opinions, lifestyles, and attitudes. If people see that discriminatory behaviour is not acceptable and is disciplined, they’ll be less likely to do it.
  1. Learn to listen actively – good listening skills are essential for resolving conflicts. Eliminate distractions, don’t listen with pre-conceived ideas, ask questions, and ensure you truly listen to what others are telling you. Encourage others to do the same.
  2. Attack the problem, not the person – one thing you cannot change is the fact that people have different perspectives and opinions, so do not criticise them. Instead, focus on identifying the cause of the conflict, promote tolerance and understanding, and aim to reach a solution.
  3. Be supportive – encourage employees who have certain knowledge and skills to help those colleagues who might not have these abilities, and do so yourself. Treat each person as an individual; don’t make judgments.


Keep the workplace relationship healthy, resolve a conflict… …. …TODAY!