Good Compliments Re-enforce Desired Behaviour

Remember: Compliments are one of the best forms of workplace currency.They are free to give out, and when done properly, they can have a very positive impact on your career. Compliments are a form of structured gratitude, it is a step further than appreciation.  Compliments allows you explain the value the person has provided that made you appreciate them.

Types of Compliments

Whether you’re a manager looking for increased productivity from a staff member or a co-worker looking to work better with others, you can use the 5 types of compliments to get the job done. Each one re-enforces a desired behaviour through a process of creating a positive emotion for the recipient.

  1. Made your job easier:When someone takes something off your work plate, especially something that gives you a headache, share exactly how that made a difference in your day.
  2. Helped you feel better about your work:When someone makes you feel proud, inspired, or more satisfied with the work you do, you should explain how it helped you feel better.
  3. Made the company more money:Any time someone makes a measurable impact on revenue, you should explain how his or her efforts justified the cost of having them on staff.
  4. Saved the day:When a mega-problem arises, those who step in to fix it without asking deserve recognition for pitching in. It also helps to place emphasis on how much worse things could have gotten for the business if it had not been resolved.
  5. Avoided a disaster: Identifying a potential disaster and doing what was necessary to ensure it didn’t unfold should be rewarded with compliments explaining how, if allowed to occur, the disaster could have hurt the business.

When it comes to giving compliments to drive performance, quality matters most. Be detailed, sincere, and consistent in your delivery… …. … Today!