Pause……..Deal with that Conflict

Remember: No two individuals have the same thought patterns, or indeed, points of view, thereby leading to the well-known fact that conflict is unavoidable in the workplace, it is therefore critical to acknowledge conflicts when they arise and address it promptly to maintain relationship values.

Conflict is no different from fire, if not handled properly it will escalate and ruin values, structures, and worst of all, relationships.

Do you want to resolve a conflict? Here are four key things you could do:

  1. Remove all masks to conflicts, be sincere about ironing things out and ultimately preserve relationships values.
  2. Communicate concisely and encourage dialogue, as this will help identify the real problem.
  3. Do not adopt a must win attitude. This always has a loser and a winner! Rather always look for consensus; which is simply a modified position that all sides can agree on.
  4. Look for a common ground as this is a bed rock for winning negotiations and developing several possible solutions to conflicts.

The gains of resolving conflicts cannot be over emphasized as this is critical in preserving relationship values. Resolve a conflict… … …Today!