THE D.A.D Test: Impactful PowerPoint Slides

Remember: Everyone can make a presentation, but not everyone can make a convincing presentation. Do you use PowerPoint to present?

There is a tip to ensure you can create compelling slides every time you present. The D.A.D test is an effective aid for measuring the effectiveness of your PowerPoint slide. What it does, is to prompt you to access each slide against the three important considerations:

If my audience is Deaf and cannot hear what I am saying about the slide or…

If my audience is Dumb and cannot ask   me to explain what is on the Slide…

Then, would the slide still make sense to them?

The D.A.D (Deaf and Dumb) test is your effective tool in rating the quality of your slides as you produce them.

Use the D.A.D test to create your winning presentation… … … Today!