To Succeed, Learn to Handle Criticism

Remember: The people in our life are often our mirror. They reflect the impact of our actions, sometimes their feedback may come out as been harsh, but when we can handle the criticism with an opened mind and willingness to learn, we tend to be happier with our jobs, increase our performance rate and self-esteem.

People often do 2 things when they are faced with criticism:

  1. Run to escape when there is a way.
  2. Rise to fight when they are cornered.

Instead of overreacting to criticism and going into an attack or defense mood, these are 5 ways to handle criticism:

  1. Egoism: Let go of your ego. Understand that you cannot be your own mirror, only the people around you can give you the feedback concerning your attitude. Accept both positive and negative feedback the same way.
  2. Positivity: Take criticism as a spring-board for self-development, show a positive attitude, demonstrate that you take the feedback seriously and you are keen to improving your attitude.
  3. Mindful: Shift your attention from the words and start to take note of the things and the activities around you.
  4. Re-treat: Step back, try to see the big picture, try to re-think the whole situation while labeling your reactions and weighing your options before taking the next step.
  5. Practice: Imagine beforehand, rehearse your best reactions to different situations, reinforcing your behaviour before reacting to criticism tends to strengthen your judgement and increase self-esteem.

Develop the right attitude towards receiving criticism… … …Today!