Easy Reading is Quite Hard Writing

Remember: When something ca be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing. Good writers face the challenge of using plain language to express clear meaning.

They write in simple styles and constantly use words that are familiar to the reader. We cannot conclude that words are simple because they have few letters, they must be familiar as well.

A young enthusiastic, investment analyst wrote a report to his marketing colleagues using the word “dogmatic”. He waited 5 weeks to get a feedback but there was none. Upon contacting his colleagues, they told him of their decision to cut business ties with him because he called them “dogs in his report”. A more familiar word could have saved him that trouble.

Simple words do not just blend into forms of writing but they are easy and meaningful to the reader.

The desire to impress our readers via our choice of words often result in cosmetic formation of complex words. The singular objective of business writing is to promote consistent understanding across all readers.

Use familiar words to improve the readability of your writing… … … Today!