The Power of Gratitude at Work

Remember: As leaders, it is important to develop the practice of gratitude to be able to lead and influence others. Employers who see their employees through the lens of gratitude will always see the untapped potential in them and will inspire them to achieve their goals.

Here are 4 Benefits of Building the Culture of Gratitude at the Workplace

  1. Gratitude Builds Connection

We tend to look for gratitude from our superior. The feeling of being appreciated by those above us goes a long way towards creating a culture of thankfulness among other co-workers.

  1. Gratitude Refills your Energy

When we look at any situation and we focus on what is working rather than what is not working, we feel happier, more optimistic and energized. This energy helps us to meet our goals and face challenges.

  1. Gratitude helps us have Perspective

Gratitude affects our attitude and the attitude of those around us. It is the antidote to fear and anxiety, it builds our strength. It helps us from becoming self-absorbed because it sustains a focus on our purpose in life.

  1. Gratitude helps us Develop Productivity

People feel valued for their work and cared about as individuals, when we show gratitude towards them and this helps to drive productivity at work and outside work.

Genuine words of thankfulness never fails to have an impact on both the receiver and the giver. Gratitude is a gift to be given and to be received, say a word of gratitude to someone… … …Today!