Kaizen – The Practice of Continuous Improvement

Remember: Every action or company begins with an idea, your perseverance is crucial to determining if your idea will come true and last long. Continuous improvement is the act of continuously doing whatever helps to develop your idea and thus makes it more valuable and long lasting.

Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. It is a Japanese word that means     “Good Change”. Dr. W. Edwards Deming is the philosopher behind Kaizen, he was invited by the Japanese industrial leaders and engineers to help rebuild Japan after the World War II and also create room for improvement.

Dr. Deming shared his philosophy to continuous improvement, which we have broken down into 12 stages:

  1. Set goals and expectations
  2. Plan
  3. Track
  4. Identify waste
  5. Create counter measures
  6. Track the measures
  7. Make changes
  8. Measure the result
  9. Verify and Modify
  10. Standardize process
  11. Celebrate success…
  12. Do it again.

The Kaizen approach helps organisations or employees to identify the 3 killer virus i.e Muda (Waste), Mura (inconsistencies), Muri (Strain).

Use the Kaizen model to bring your ideas to life, Challenge your Mindset….Today!