Learning to Listen: Steps to Better Communication

Remember: Good Leaders and Good Communicators are Good Listeners, to be a good communicator you must learn how to listen with three ears.

Ear 1 – You must hear what others are saying.

Ear 2 – You must hear what others are not saying.

Ear 3 – You must hear what others would like to say but for some reason, they are not able to express themselves.

Listening helps you learn, while encouraging other people to talk. How do we encourage other people to talk?

The following steps below would assist you in encouraging other people to talk:

  1. Maintain eye contact, It shows that you are hanging on to every word.
  2. You want to make them feel comfortable.
  3. Smile, Nod your head, stop talking and listen.
  4. Ask questions and make movement as they continue talking.
  5. Encourage them to expand on their ideas.

Getting other people to talk can pay some rich dividends for you. Not only do you learn the facts and observations you might not otherwise have known, you are also showing the other person that they are valued.

The art of listening indeed is an invaluable and often ignored skill in the workplace. As you start this week, make a conscious effort to practice active listening, starting… … … Today!