Benefits of Small Talk

Remember: The Small Talk model allows you to take advantage of those important moments when we know that it is important to make an impression, but yet we don’t, because we afraid of saying something that makes us look bad.

Here are three steps to help you achieve good small talk:

  1. Work/Common –Start your conversation with a WORK related question or with something you have in COMMON, this helps you build mutual ground and prevents you from sounding forward or inappropriate.
  2. Personal – Once you have started a conversation, you can move on to asking a PERSONAL This helps to create a better relationship and rapport between you and the other person.
  3. Trivial – End your conversation with a TRIVIAL statement, everyone loves a good complement. These are things that create lasting memories from conversations.

In less than 5 minutes move from good impact to creating a long lasting impression on that boss you have always wanted to talk to…. Today