Mastering the Right Body Language

Remember: Your body language communicates your real attitude and feelings consciously or unconsciously to the audience. The right body language speaks volumes, make sure your mouth and your body are sending the same signal.

Here are some of the right body languages to possess when talking to an audience.

  • Smiling: Smiling releases a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good. It is a great way to establish rapport and trust with the audience.
  • Eye Contact: It helps you carry your message to each person in the audience. It also helps to show confidence and trust.
  • Hand Movements: Watch your hands, the last thing you want to do is offend someone by jabbing a finger in their face or pointing aggressively. So instead, point with an open palm and keep fingers together.
  • Use Open Gestures: keeping movements relaxed, using open arm gestures and showing open palms. This is the ultimate “I have nothing to hide” gesture.

The right emotion brings out the right body language irrespective of what you are feeling inside. Basically, showing good body language increases productivity and yield positive results.

Form the habit of framing both your emotions and the right body languages…Today!