Business Ethics

Remember: Developing a strong reputation for integrity is a key step towards winning and retaining your customers. Through setting and following clearly established ethical business principles, you begin to gain a reputation for integrity.

Business ethics are the moral principles governing or influencing conduct in an organization. In organizations with clearly laid out ethics in practice, such ethics form a key part of the organizational workings and all actions undertaken by the organization must run under the lens of its laid down ethical principles.

For many organizations though, there exists no clearly articulated set of rules guiding behaviour and dictating right or wrong conduct.  For employees in such organizations, making ethical business decisions could be an uphill task. This is because everyone views what is considered as right or wrong conduct differently and so, conflicts would emerge.

Over the next two weeks, we shall explore the importance of business ethics to organizations, as we delve into some of the payoffs for ethical behaviour.

Do you have a structured ethical code – both personally and business-wise? Build the starting blocks towards a reputation for integrity by crafting your ethical codes … … … Today!