Punctuality Matters A Lot

Remember:  Punctuality goes beyond keeping to time and meeting deadlines. It is a symbol of our value and respect, for people and policies. Importantly, punctuality is proof of a positive attitude that speaks of discipline, self-organization, readiness and productivity.

Often times, we believe that as long as an assignment is delivered, the time frame does not count. We turn up late to work on some days, because we feel that we can make up the time. We book an appointment and turn up few minutes later than agreed. Typically, we say “it doesn’t matter, after all, it’s just a few minutes late”.

The truth is that, it matters. It matters that people look forward to having engagements with you because they know that you will not only turn up, but you will be punctual. That is credibility.

What does it matter if you are the first to get to the meeting venue? You think you will be bored? No…. You will actually have time to settle in and relax. It is to your advantage. Punctuality makes you credible and reliable. You might think it doesn’t matter and that no one keeps count. People are always keeping count, most times unseen and unknown by us. This is an easy way to manage perception, for good or for bad!

Use your punctuality to grow your standard and general perception …….Today