Preparing For Meetings: APP

Remember: Every meeting you attend is your opportunity to shine as meetings are a central part of communication and cooperation within any organization. This week, we bring you the APP steps you can take to ensure that you are on top of your game before and during meetings:


If you receive an agenda ahead of time, take a few minutes to look it over. If you see areas where you may have an opportunity to take the lead or to provide information to others, make a mental note to use that opportunity.


Do your homework. If you plan to speak on an issue, know what you are talking about. Make notes. Plan to keep your comments positive and speak with enthusiasm. The direct, relaxed approach works best. Get quickly to your point and stay with it. Busy people have little patience with more than they want to know. However, clarity and conciseness takes preparation.


Show high level of involvement during meetings by speaking up in these instances:

  1. When you know you can clarify a point.
  2. When you can supplement pertinent information or convincing statistics.
  3. When you can correct an error.
  4. When you wish to ask a question.
  5. When you can give credit that is due.
  6. When you have a good idea or an original suggestion.

Become a respected participant and contributor during meetings, by using the APP Meeting Preparation Steps starting… … …Today!