Writing Powerful E-mails

Remember: E-mail is the backbone of business communication. Although it is an instant way of getting in touch with others, many people do not know how to use properly. People tend to ignore punctuation, grammar and spelling in e-mails but this only diminishes your reputation as an individual or an organization. It is important that you maintain high standards however you communicate with others to ensure your reputation is enhanced always.

Often times, we get extremely busy at work and don’t have time to spend composing great e-mails. How do you then ensure you are sending a balanced e-mail that might be short and still contain all the necessary information that needs to be passed across to your recipient?

Here are six critical ways to help you deliver a straightforward yet polite e-mail to your recipient:

  1. Make sure you identify clearly the subject of the e-mail.
  2. Learn to be as concise as possible.
  3. Use an appropriate style to close off or open up e-mails so that you are less likely to offend anyone inadvertently.
  4. Always request the action or the information that you need.
  5. Be very clear by explaining how urgent your message is.
  6. For detailed information, be sure to use attachments to provide details.

E-mail is an instant medium, so be very mindful because you can easily create a message without considering how the message would impact the recipient. Use these tools to make sure your e-mails are well composed and easy to read… … …Today!