The Right Mindset

Remember: Just as it is a reality that the previous year is not going to be the same as the present, it simply means that you cannot continue doing things the same way and expecting a different result. Looking at the current state of Nigeria as a nation, it is equally important to know that capability will be tested across different platforms and it would be suggested wise to be exceptional on all levels, to ensure that you stand firm on your feet this New Year.

How do you get started on doing things differently this year?

Here are six important questions to guide you on how to take a giant U-turn into a better you in this present year:

  1. What skills do you possess given your job role?
  2. What new learning do you plan to deploy this year?
  3. Are you part of the best 10% in your organisation?
  4. Are you able to communicate and motivate in a compelling way?
  5. Have you got a competitive spirit?
  6. Do you take learnings from your mistake?
  7. Have you got a clear focus?

These questions have been designed in such a way that your answers instantly tell you your position in delivering exceptionally. If your answers are negative, it simply means it is time to wake up from being a safe employee to becoming the go-to individual. Don’t just talk the talk, walk the talk!

Do you desire success? Let this be the map that will direct you on you quest to exceptional delivery… … …Today!