How to Manage Upward (3)

Remember: Pride goes before a fall. You must learn to swallow a certain amount of pride for your boss to be an ally to you. How, you may ask? It really is simple. Gone are the days where being talented is all it took. There is the need to be aware that the difference between a skill and a capability is Practice. In this present dynamic corporate world, your need to leverage some skills that quickly pushes you to the top when dealing with your superiors.

Becoming an ally to your boss entails that you can clearly identify the weaknesses and blind spots of your boss and help fill those gaps. You should fill the gaps not as a result of making your superior see that you identify them clearly, but in a way that displays genuine generosity and tactfulness. The fastest way to being untouchable is to voluntarily accept jobs that your superior finds most disagreeable. Do not be the person that shy away from a new task. The task evidently becomes difficult when you view it as being difficult. Change your mind set. Take on the job and figure out how to do it exceptionally.

Being your boss’ ally also entails that you need to be informed so that you can keep him/her informed of the changes taking place all around you. How do you then become the strongest ally ever to your boss?

Here are five critical ways of making it happen:

  1. You must have a positive attitude.
  2. You should be dutiful and be a professional.
  3. You should provide support to the organisation with individual effort.
  4. Develop the willingness to learn about how your boss operates.
  5. Your focus should always be on the bigger picture.

Do not allow your scope of view be limited to the day to day happenings around you. Make your boss your strongest ally using the five critical ways… … …Today!