How to Manage Upward (2)

Remember: There are some tiny, unconscious mistakes we make that affects how fast we climb up our career ladder. This is often as a result of us being the actually problem of ourselves. We should always be mindful of intellectual arrogance because unconsciously, most of us allow intellectual arrogance make the most out of us.

Let us discuss the three common mistakes that affects how you forge an effective relationship with those above you;

  1. You May be Getting Ahead of Yourself: Sometimes, when you are an over achiever, you are often seen as a threat to your superior. Willingness to learn and eagerness is a no doubt a virtue, but that should not confuse you of the position for which you were hired for. Advancement will come, but not at the expense of making your superior uncomfortable.
  2. You May be seen as Critical and Combative: Criticizing your superior wouldn’t help in any situation. You need your superior to be an ally. If you seem to disagree with any decision or action taken by your superior, you should have a conversation based on principle and not for personal gain. You must appeal to his or her ego, and your goal should be to make suggestions helpful to solving the problem and helping the organisation.
  3. You May not be Doing Your Homework: You should be the go-to person in your field or unit and give 100% to your job if you want to win with the times. Organisations are needing fewer people to shoulder more responsibilities. On the one hand, you should take advantage of offering more than is required. On the other hand, you do your best to provide credible performance everyday so as to attract increase and promotions.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, make the step to correct the common mistakes that restricts you from becoming the best in your organisation… … … Today!