How to Manage Upward

Remember: There is no one that you cannot manage! Emotional intelligence calls out the fact that you first have to manage your personal responses and reactions before extending it to people you come in contact with. In moving up the career ladder, you must accept that your superior is a prominent gateway to your career growth.

Most people feel that they have disorganized, power-hungry, downright mean bosses that limits them from moving forward. Unfortunately, bosses that fit into those descriptions come in all shapes and sizes.  What happens often with such category of bosses is that they are so busy with their own careers that they are blind to your own potential and goals. However, the good news is, you can manage them all!

If you often find yourself feeling frustrated, depressed, or unappreciated at work and you are in dire need of making your boss your strongest ally, here are four critical questions you should have an answer to:

  1. What is my goal in the particular position I am currently occupying?
  2. What is my superior’s style of managing, and what is his or her agenda within the organisation?
  3. Can I work within his or her framework without losing my mind and integrity?
  4. If I stay, what can I do to help my boss and myself to succeed?

Business management expert, Andrew Carnegie says; “Do not think a man has done his full duty when he has performed the work assigned him. A man will NEVER rise if he does only this. Promotion comes from exceptional work.” When you provide the sincere answers to the four questions, you will realize that your journey to be noticed and successful will begin… … …Today!