Managing Time

Remember: Time wasted can never be regained. In business, time is money. On several occasions, we spend our time performing least important tasks as opposed to relevant tasks at hand, and then we realize we have wasted so much time on what should have been done later. It is therefore advisable to make better use of your time. To become a better time manager, you need to be aware of the choices you have to make. You have to be able to determine what task is important and why.

Here are three critical ways to best manage time:

  1. Conduct a Time audit: A time audit will help you know the balance between the demands placed on you at work and those that define your private life. Prioritize activities by choosing how you apportion your time to satisfy competing demands.
  2. Decide What Action Needs to Be Taken: Look for patterns in the way you use your time. If your behaviour is contributing to time shortage, change your patterns of behaviour by saying no to distractions.
  3. Learn to use the right tools: Common ones include; handheld organizers, paper appointment books or schedulers, “To do” lists.

Being in a digital world has its own advantage when it comes to time management, not only do you need to depend on a “to do” list but also a computerized scheduler on your smart device. Planning is important, and being very conscious of time is a basic first step. Manage your time with these tools… … …Today!