Getting the best from yourself.

Remember:  Presence is an elusive human quality that projects our ability to command respect or attention. Some people are born with it, while others develop it as a result of success. Presence comes from the combination of both and virtually everyone can nurture and develop it. It is important to understand that presence is most likely to leave us when we are feeling uncomfortable and not sure about ourselves.

Developing presence is a versatile challenge that can be categorized into the following four critical areas:

  1. Physical: Presence does not depend on height. It refers to how you manage your body. Cultivate the habit of standing and moving well, projecting calm and confidence. Have a good posture and do not forget that appropriate gestures are powerful means of nonverbal communication that reinforce the impression you are trying to create. Incorporate the old adage, “think tall and you will be tall.”
  2. Mental/emotional: The mind is the most important tool in creating presence. Practice how to make positive affirmations like, “I am confident”, “I feel good.” This helps to train your brain to believe what you see in your mind’s eye. Be careful not to say these words in future tense- “I will be confident” because this automatically gives your brain a future scenario which may never happen!
  3. Mastery: Have an in depth knowledge of what you do, because this will enable you to be confident in what you say and do. Being open and honest is a sure way of making people know your worth. Share your experiences, tell stories, and engage people at the human level. This will make people share the good word about your skills and qualities.
  4. Occasion-based: An occasion is needed to project presence. Occasion varies from gathering a group of few people to an audience of many. Presence is not solely about a person, but involves transmitting a quality that others trust and respond to.

However, be careful not to interchange presence with being overconfident! Overconfidence is about oneself; presence is about others. Pay attention to these elements and use them to develop presence… … …Today!