Creating your Identity

Remember: Your identity is what distinguishes you from your fellow contemporaries. Identifying the idea that drives you as an individual is the basic feature that is associated with creating your identity. Great people are born and also, great people can be made.

Who says you can’t build yourself into the person that you envision yourself to be?

Identity can project four ideas:

  1. Who you are: this is the uniqueness that clearly sets you apart from someone else. Create an identity that is bold, bearing in mind that you are the only limitation to yourself! Develop the charisma, attitude and competency that gives you an outstanding personality.
  2. What you do: creating an identity starts with YOU! Identify what you are most good at and get out of your comfort zone concerning that particular strength. Quit being lazy and work on your skills. Learning never gets old.
  3. How you do it: surround yourself with people that will elevate you. Do not waste your time on things that are not beneficial to you because time wasted cannot be regained.
  4. Where you want to go: create a big picture and take a step because, planning is key. Set out targets and work your way to meeting them.

Brand yourself and build a strong personality by constantly reviewing these four ideas. Use this and become the positive person that you have always imagined… … …Today!