Making Yourself Promotable


Remember: Being good at your job is not enough to guarantee a promotion these days. Being promotable, on the other hand increases your chances of success and assists you in taking the career steps that you desire.

Here are seven ways to making yourself promotable:

1. Develop Good Interpersonal Skills: The ability to engage and communicate effectively with your stakeholders positions you for promotion. Do these to the best of your ability.

2. Meet business objectives:A promise made should be a promise kept. Seek to meet targets and promises.

3. Take Interest Beyond Core:  Develop interest in areas outside your role and even more, make meaningful impact outside your role too.

4. Build and Head Teams: Seek authority and leadership. People who show leadership traits are those that get promoted.

5. Learn to Manage Transition and Change: Business and organizational models are dynamic. Be that person who is able to field changes and use insight to direct people’s creative energy toward enhancing the organization.

6. Build an effective network of champions or sponsors: Rather than investing in nepotistic relationships, build a robust network of relationships that will support you purely because of your potential and integrity.

7. Stand Out: Brand yourself and carry out your roles excellently and exceptionally. This will stand you out for promotion.

Making yourself promotable is more than a desire. it is a conscious effort. Use these tips to make yourself promotable… Today!