Inspire your child and your team as well.

Remember…. If your child is not taught to confide in you about their mistakes, you have lost them. This is the second powerful warning from the works of Tiruvalluvar a Tamil poet,written 5,000 years ago.

If your,child has been taught not to confide in you, then the lessons that you have taught the child are about why you cannot be trusted to give a valued reaction to their issues. Notice that we are not talking about the right or wrong response,that would always be based on the situation.Rather,did they learn something valuable from your reaction? Did it make them better for sharing with you? Did it move them from a lower place to,a higher place?

If they DID get all of this from your reaction then they would, trust you,in the knowledge that your reaction will always be good for them. This will come when your reactions  always show BALANCE .

When you show balance you look at all sides of a situation, rather than the most obvious. A balanced view is always a broader , wiser and more beneficial view. Balanced views also engender TRUST. Such people can be trusted to add value everytime,with the way they attend to confidences. This is a critical trait that you must use to inspire your child AND your team member.

Temper your reactions with Balance and Trust and inspire your child or team member ……Today!


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