Communicating with your team

Remember: To be a good leader, it is important to know how to communicate well with your team members. Communicating well with your team removes misunderstanding and gets the job done quickly. To lead a winning team, here are 6 things that will help you communicate better with your team:

  1. Rapport: Build good rapport with your team members. When people feel secure and trust their leaders they communicate well. When you build rapport with your team members, they sense that they can approach you as the leader and have an open conversation with you.
  2. Take time to explain: It is not always safe to assume that everyone understands the subject or project at hand. Take time to explain in details, the project at hand. This helps you cover all the important areas of the subject or project and ensures that each member of the team is carried along.
  3. Listen: To communicate effectively with your team members you must give room to listen to their ideas and suggestions. Encourage them to be open with their ideas.
  4. Be the Message: Someone once said ‘Leadership by example is contagious’.  Doing exactly what you want your team to understand or learn is one of the fastest ways of communicating with them. Let them see you do what you want them to do, and watch their excuses fade away.
  5. Encourage Feedback: Always give room to receive feedback from your team members. This way you can tell if your message was understood by the team.  Feedback also helps you measure the effectiveness of your style of communication.
  6. It is ok to disagree: Help people feel they can disagree. Act on disagreements and consider all the inputs before making decisions. People will communicate better information if they’re not always trying to guess what you want or agree to everything you say.

When you open the lines of communication with your team members, carrying out tasks and projects become easier. Dial up the results you get from your team by practicing these tips… … … Today!

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