Designing Compelling PowerPoint

Remember: To make compelling presentations, you need to be fast, efficient and effective when developing your slides. Successful presenters are always finding ways to upgrade their skills and eliminate any weaknesses.

We will discuss some of the biggest mistakes people make when developing PowerPoint slides and give you insights into how to avoid these mistakes.

  1. Bad Planning:  One common mistake is developing slides without having a plan. By understanding what needs to be achieved and detailing down every action you need. You save yourself hours of wasted time. The worst thing you can do in business is ‘to do well what doesn’t need to be done at all’.
  2. No Structure: All presentations should follow a coherent structure. Not only does this help you to develop the order of the slides, but it helps the audience to follow your presentation and process the information.
  3. Inconsistency: The design or graphics you choose to adopt should be consistent throughout the presentation. This would make your presentation smoother and more cohesive. Having different graphic elements and backgrounds can cause the audience to focus more on the changing graphics than the message itself..
  4. Too Much Information: The PowerPoint slides should be used simply to highlight and emphasize the talking points. Bulleted lists work great for this, rather than blocks of full text that simply duplicate what the speaker is saying. Including too much information on the slide can be frustrating for audience members who are trying to read the slide and listen at the same time.

A PowerPoint presentation can make or break your pitch. Take time to ensure that you avoid making any of the above mistakes …….. ….. Today!


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